System Maintenance

System Maintenance

System Maintenance is the process of keeping the system in a good state in terms of repair. It is done by proper maintenance of the hardware, software, information system, and disks.

At Zenius PC Support, we have designed superior computer maintenance software Zenius Speed to enhance the speed of your system, reduce startup problems and ensure overall maintenance of your system.

Tips for System Maintenance

Here are a few system maintenances and system repair tips from Zenius PC Support:

  • Do not keep any personal files in the root of the C Drive. The disk file table may become corrupted leading to an error while booting your system.
  • The software you have purchased and the drivers for your hardware must be stored in an external device
  • Never download files with extensions: .vbs,.bat, .js, .reg, .com, .mdb, and .exe from unknown sources
  • If your system is on all day and night, then always reboot your computer
  • Use the Disk Cleanup tool from the Systems and Maintenance option of Accessories in the Programs menu to clean your disk space
  • Ensure your firewall is turned on in case you don’t have an antivirus
  • If you have antivirus software, ensure that the updates are regularly installed
  • You should run a disk scan and defragmentation at least once a month

Why Zenius PC Support?

Proper maintenance of a computer requires expert intervention. To ensure proper system maintenance, you should opt for online computer support. Thus, it is advisable to get some tech help for maintaining your PC. At Zenius PC Support, our motto is to simplify your digital life. Be it a system repair issue or PC maintenance issue, our tech support experts will handle it all.

Service Highlights:

  • We have remote computer support services 24*7
  • Our IT support team would provide remote guidance for your system maintenance and system repair
  • Our tech support experts are highly trained and online round the clock to handle your queries
  • Minimum response time in the industry