System Optimization Support

System Optimization Support

System optimization is the process of maintaining, servicing and modifying your PC, so that its speed and consistency is optimum, resulting in superior performance. PC optimization particularly helps to speed up slow computer and optimize memory usage of your PC by the operating system. System optimization relieves you from the hazards of accidental system crashes and consequent PC repair.

Following are a few system optimization guidelines from Zenius PC Support tech experts:

Run the Disk Defragmenter tool from the programs menu to defragment your files and speed up your PC: When there are several files and programs which are removed or installed there is lot of space all over the drive. So when something new is installed its parts would be scattered thereby making it difficult for the operating system to access various hard disk areas. This affects the PC performance.  This is why hard disk defragmentation is required.

You should delete the history of your internet browser or at least reduce it: Whenever you access file via web browser then it is cached. The browser does not have to retrieve any new files each time when you click “Back” or “Forward”.  The cache should be periodically cleared to allow the browser to function efficiently.

Use the Disk Clean Up tool to remove the temporary files: Your system crashes or shuts down due to power failure. The corresponding crash reports are accumulated in the hard drive. You should clean these hard drives by running the disk clean up tool of Windows

Keep the desktop simple on your computer: Desktop icons as well as wallpaper do consume pieces of system memory. Animated wallpapers are normally heavy for the systems. Else you need to have a modern processor and lot of RAM. Keep it uncomplicated and have only the most required folders and files on it.

Close background running programs: If you want to have a look at the system’s processes which run on your PC then open the Task Manager and click on Processes. Here you can close the processes if you want to.

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