Test Memory Modules and Slots in HP Laptops via HP Help Number


HP has provided great Designs of its Laptops at very affordable prices and no other product can beat it. It has brought a technological revolution through its features and designs. It has also solved various issues which occurred with the customers in the previous versions of the Laptop when it has launched a new one. But users still have to test the Memory Modules and Memory slots in the HP laptops so that they do not face the black screen error in their system. Also, users should know the fact that they only need one memory module for the system to operate and if they are installing two memory modules then both have to be tested separately. just in case, if you need more information regarding this then you can also read How to add HP printer to Mac with the help of HP help number? and If users want to deal with this without facing any problem then they should get in touch with the experts without any hesitation through HP Help Number toll-free or otherwise follow the below-given steps to troubleshoot it.

Instructions you can follow to test the modules and slots:

  • The first which is required is that you have to remove the AC adapter if it is connected and also the Battery from your system.
  • Remove all the memory modules from the laptop and then insert the modules one by one in the first memory slot.
  • Then, you have to put back the battery and then connect the AC adapter and start your system.
  • If the windows start normally without any glitches then they working perfectly.
  • And if you have two memory modules then repeat the same steps and then insert the second module in the other slot.
  • But if the system hasn’t started normally and you are facing issues then try to change the memory slots and it will work and then start your laptop again.
  • If users face any problem while testing the slots then they should get in touch with the experts via HP Technical Support number to take expert’s advice.

Buzz to experts via HP Support Number toll-free for any issue.

If you also face a similar problem and you are not able to do it manually and even after following the steps you have stuck on any step then you should get in touch with the experts via HP Support Number toll-free to get expert’s advice as the experts are available for the users 24X7.