Things to Consider While Buy a New Laptop


Laptops nowadays become the need of most of the people interested in digital services like internet, email, chatting, social media and web surfing etc. If you are looking to buy a new one, but find difficult to choose the right one, then we will tell you how to choose right laptop and what are the things that should be considered when buying a new laptop.

Screen Size

The most important factor while buying a laptop is screen size. From 12.5 to 15.5 inches screen size laptops are available in the market, you can choose as per your handiness. If you travel very often, then 12.5 or 13 inches would be handy and gives long battery backup. While bigger screen laptop consumes more power but suitable for graphic designing and animation works.

Processer or CPU

In a laptop or computer, processer is one of the most important factors responsible for the performance and speed. Choose Intel, but pick between the Core i3 to i7 series as per use, because higher version are costlier, for normal home use i3 would be enough, while for crucial programming or high definition gaming, i5 is the best option. If your laptop process at slow speed, you can take laptop tech support to check the issue remotely.

Storage and Disk Capacity

Hard disk, which provides facility to storage all types of data into a laptop, comes in two ranges SSD or HDD, and you have to choose the right one. SSD or solid state drive is better than HDD disk in terms of long battery life, faster speed and high capacity. You can get from 250GB to 4TB capacity disk but 500GB or 1TB would be ideal choice to store enough data. When disk become full, you can contact laptop support and remove unwanted files to free-up space.

Screen Quality and Display

Nowadays touch screen laptops are also in the trend that helps users to perform various actions with one touch. At the same time choose the right display with high resolution to get clear picture quality. A full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pi resolution gives a sharp picture quality but comes at little higher prices which you can choose as per your affordability.

RAM and Graphic Card

Get a laptop having 4GB RAM enough to run multiple applications without slowing down or speed problem. Low RAM laptop runs at slower speed, especially when you run more than two or three applications at a time. However, sometimes due to other reasons laptop speed affected which you can solve with the help of technicians working at laptop technical support.

Graphic card version or capacity matters a lot for the game lovers who wish to enjoy high definition gaming on laptops. A better graphic card helps to run such HD games with full animation and visuals without facing performance related any issue. Intel made graphic cards are suitable and gives a long-lasting performance at affordable cost.