Tutorial for enabling Windows Security Policy at Startup


The Windows Security Policy is a feature that comes under Windows Security center. You can access the security center through the control panel of your computer and is responsible for monitoring the Firewall, Virus Protection and Automatic Updates. This is normally the same for most versions of Windows operating systems. All of these features can be enabled or disabled together or individually. In the latest versions of Windows operating systems, advanced users will be having the ability to select applications to be initiated during system startup. This can be done by accessing the “Administrative Tools” option in the control panel. In this article you can fine Windows online support instructions for doing the same.

Windows online support instructions

Follow the Windows online support instructions mentioned below and you will be able to enable the Windows Security Policy at Startup.

Using control panel

  1. Kick off this procedure by bringing up your start menu. The start menu can be launched by clicking the Windows “Start” button using your mouse or by clicking the key with Microsoft logo on your keyboard.
  2. Choose the option which says “Control panel” from the start menu.
  3. Once the control panel window opens up, click on the option labeled “System and Security”.
  4. From here select the option titled “Change Action Center Settings” from the menu located on the left side.
  5. Mark the check boxes of those security features that you like to run during startup.
  6. Finally end this procedure by clicking “Ok” to save the changes that you have just made.

For advanced users

  1. Initiate this procedure by launching your control panel.
  2. Select the option labeled “System and security” from the control panel.
  3. Now click on the icon titled “Administrative Tools”.
  4. Click on “System Configuration” from the menu that pops up.
  5. Go to the tab labeled “Start Up”.
  6. From the list of applications, mark those check boxes of which you want to enable automatic startup and unmark those check boxes of which you want to disable automatic startup.
  7. Finally end this procedure by clicking “Ok”.

That’s all with the Windows online support instructions about enabling the Windows Security Policy at start up. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.