Unmatch and Delete Downloaded Transactions


Are you facing issues to unmatch & delete downloaded transactions in QuickBooks Software? We have a solution for you to save yourself from the same issue. These manual methods help you in unmatching or deleting downloaded banking Transaction

Guide to Unmatch and Delete Downloaded Transactions.

To Unmatch transactions

From the Banking page

For Single Transaction

  1. Click on Banking from Left Menu
  2. Ensure correct selection of bank or credit card
  3. Now move in QuickBooks tab
  4. After that find & select the downloaded transactions you need to unmatch. Search these transactions by selecting column header
  5. In Action grid, select Undo

For Multiple Transactions at once:

  • Choose individual transaction
  • Now click the Undo button

From the account register

  • Choose “Chart of Accounts” from the Gear icon
  • Now search for the account and in Action column, select View Register/ Account History.
  • Select the transaction from the register then click on the Edit option.
  • Now choose Online banking matches from the top of the transaction.
  • After that choose Unmatch from the next screen.

After unmatching the transactions, these transaction can be found in review tab. After that you can can categorize and match them again.

Delete matched transactions

From the Register:

  • Select Gear icon & then Chart of Accounts.
  • After that search convenient account then Click on the View register/Account history.
  • Now Select the undesired transaction and then click the Delete button from the transaction line.
  • In order to remote both the transactions unmatched & downloaded , you can select to delete both the options. And as an outcome the transaction will no longer appear in Downloaded transactions.

From the Transaction Window:

After applying this process for deleting the matched transaction, the transaction will no longer show in the downloaded transaction area. Both transactions and the downloaded transaction will be deleted.

  • From the Gear icon select the Chart of Account
  • Look for the desired account then select View register/Account history.
  • Now select unwanted transaction and then click on Edit button on the transaction line.
  • Now in transaction window select More then click on Delete & when a dialog box appear click Yes to confirm.


This guide helped to unmatch and delete downloaded transactions in QuickBooks. In case if you need assistance talk to QuickBooks expert on toll free number.