Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Zenius PC Support provides remote PC support for virus, spyware and malware removal. Our certified technicians can provide you online computer support 24*7. We have instant solutions to any kind of virus related computer problems. Our competent tech support team will remotely access your computer via a secure network connection and upgrade your overall system security.
Viruses are upgraded and improvised every day. The new version becomes menacingly harmful, tricky and supersedes the malicious properties of its predecessors. The antivirus you have installed in your computer cannot be a sufficient antidote to these new generations of viruses. Thus your system becomes vulnerable to the following risks, without your knowledge:

  • Reduction of your system speed and disk storage space
  • Sudden change of the names of your files and folders
  • Permanent data loss automatic deletion of files and folders
  • Annoying messages and notifications every time you try to run any program
  • Hardware crash or failure
  • Data theft by gaining unauthorized administrative access to your system
  • Credit Card theft by gaining access to your online purchase data

These can happen during an important presentation, before a project deadline, examination or a client meeting.
Viruses can come from any of the files or pictures you have downloaded online. They can even come via email attachments or from random websites you have visited. Therefore any amount of online browsing or downloads can expose your system to harmful viruses.
The principle ‘prevention is better than cure’ applies to computer viruses. It is better to keep your computer protected beforehand. Viruses are also responsible for online identity and credit card thefts. Thus, you may end up losing all your bank balance. Therefore you must equip your computer with good antivirus software. Amongst other precautions, you can increase your internet security from the internet options from medium to high. This will provide you with some protection against visiting corrupted websites. While opening email attachments, always make sure that the email is from a trusted source. If you are unsure, then it is better not to open such attachments.
However any virus removal software won’t suffice. Besides, Most of the free online virus removal software available in internet is hoaxes i.e. malwares camouflaged as antivirus. Examples of such software are Smart Fortress 2012, Windows Basic Antivirus, Best Virus Protection, etc. Therefore you should not download any random virus removal tool you get online. Besides, the free virus and spyware removal tools are not always the recomended virus remover software for your computer. They lack many important security features.
If you are looking for antivirus software from a trusted source that will provide your computer with real time protection from viruses, then Zenius PC Support is your destination. Call our customer care or mail us about your PC problems and we will solve your computer problems in a click. You can also alert us by leaving a message in the contact form present in the Contact Us page of our website.

At Zenius PC Support:

  • Our tech support services are dedicated to provide customers with the perfect solution for protecting their computer against       virus related hazards
  • We have designed the number one antivirus software for all round protection of your PC


Zenius Defend is virus removal software that:

  • Protects your system from real time threats.
  • Is equipped with auto update features to provide your system protection from latest threats
  • Assists you in safe browsing
  • Our remote tech support is also there to walk you through the pc virus removal procedure, in case you are having problems.


Service Highlights:

  • We have remote computer support service 24*7
  • Our advanced certified technicians will uninstall all viruses and malwares from your system
  • Get real time protection from viruses, spywares, adware, crawler or any other malicious software
  • Enjoy all round PC and browsing security
  • Enjoy secure online browsing experience
  • We can fix any kind of problem you are experiencing with your computer.
  • Our online computer tech support team would provide you remote guidance for your computer maintenance and repair
  • Our computer tech support experts are certified and highly trained
  • We provide instant solution to any computer problem