What Exactly Is Slowing Down Your Windows PC


Windows is a pretty fast OS, if you are not using up too much of the RAM. But, computer running slow Windows errors are also common because of a number of reasons. You need to figure out what is causing these errors, if you want to fix them and bring the computer back to its original performance speed. There are many suspects when it comes to the reasons for the PC slowdown.

Virus infections

Virus infections are the most likely culprits, if the decrease in the OS speed was sudden. You need to identify this and get rid of the virus from the system to fix the issue, and the OS will start functioning smoothly once again.

Antivirus programs are the best solution here. But, you might need to pair it up with an anti-malware tool as well, just to make sure that you got rid of all the virus applications and malicious leftovers from the system. Also, keep in mind that a boot-scan is a much more effective option than a full system scan.

Scan your system for viruses at least twice after updating the virus definitions in your antivirus program. This should fix the computer running slow Windows errors in most cases.

Disabling start-up programs

Now, there might be some start-up programs running in your OS, which are launched in the background as soon as you switch the system on. Some of them might be necessary, while others might be useless until you need them for something. You need to check the list the start-up programs in the OS and disable all of them if possible. If not, at least keep the number of start-up programs to minimum of two or three to reduce the burden they are putting on the system RAM, causing the computer slow down issue.

Computer Slow Down Issue Windows OS Problems Too many security programs

This is another problem that is found in some computers. Remember that your system RAM memory is limited. So, running too many applications in the background, be it security software applications, will only lead to your system slowing down. It is better to keep just one good antivirus application and remove all other antivirus or anti-malware applications from the system. This will free up some memory.

These are some of the common problems responsible for slowing down the system performance. Check these segments and make your computer system fast as new.