What is Changing of Tax Rates in QuickBooks Point-of-Sale Desktop?

You cannot avoid paying taxes, but in US States the new updates comes for quarter percent tax imposed by Prop 30 which is expired and end of the Dec 31, 2016. Hence, you need to change taxes in your accounting software to see the affects in all the accounts.

QuickBooks Point-of-sale desktop software can show the changes with the right effects but you need to configure few necessary changes to calculate different taxes imposed in the state. Here below find the right steps for changing of Tax Rates in QuickBooks Point-of-Sale Desktop?

Step-by-Step Tax Rates Changing Process

Step1: Open QuickBooks Point-of-sale and click on the file menu and select the Preferences, then click “Company.

Step2: Now within “Company Preferences” click on “Sales Tax” to proceed.

Step3: Now calculate the tax rate that should be changed from previous one, and then click on the Edit Tax Code” button before you move further.

Step4: When you see the “Edit Tax Code” window clicks on next. If you not find this windows or facing a problem while opening this Edit Tax Code window, then Point of sale Support is right here to help you online with right troubleshooting process.

Step5: Now when Edit Tax Window Opens you need to click on Next on Single Rate Tax.

Step6: QuickBooks Point-of-Sale will show the edit tax calculation window showing your current rate. This is the section you can put and set the new tax rate with the option to save the name of government or agency you are paying the tax.

Step6: Change the Rate of Tax – Here you can see the rate changing from 8% to 7.75% for Miami County. If you face a problem while changing the tax you can take help at point of sale technical support especially open for QuickBooks POS users to help them online.

Step7: Now you are at the end, just click on Finish to save your changes. As each state, county and city have their own tax rate policy, you have to repeat this process, because it is necessary to change each one separately to see the affects and calculate the tax accordingly. However, if you need help you can call at QuickBooks POS support phone number where professional technicians are ready to attend such issues and fix the same with right solution.