Why Outsource Bookkeeping Services?


Why are more and more Twin Cities companies outsourcing their bookkeeping?

  • Reduces operating and payroll costs
  • Improves efficiency, speed, and service
  • Get access to specialized skills
  • Reduces training costs due to employee turnover
  • Frees up valuable time that can be spent growing the business

Why hire a professional bookkeeper?

You will positively get back your personal life! Small business owners often spend too much time “fumbling with the books” instead of focusing on things that will grow their businesses.

Your time should be spent on doing what you do best – working with customers! So often, bookkeeping takes a backseat to other business priorities. Then, you find yourself scrambling to get things entered which often leads to errors in your records and costs you money. This is where Positive Bookkeeping & Business Services comes to the rescue!

Not only will outsourcing save you time and money as described above, but it will relieve you of the pressures of being overloaded with trying to do it all. Your time spent on bookkeeping adds little value to your relationships with your customers. Yet, when your accounting records get behind, you won’t have an accurate picture of the health of your company and this could be detrimental to the success of your business.

When some small-business owners get overwhelmed, they hire a bookkeeper. Many people mistakenly believe that bookkeeping is just glorified data entry so they entrust their finances to minimally qualified people. Bookkeeping is SO much more than data entry! It involves the handling of all of your financial records including revenues, expenses, payroll and cash flow. If you want to be positively in control of your bookkeeping and the financial health of your company, Positive Bookkeeping & Business services is just a phone call away! We will provide the answers you need and you will be able to make better financial decisions which will contribute to the growth and success of you and your company.

What are other benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping?

Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, having an in-house bookkeeper is not always the wisest use of company funds nor the best way to keep your financial records free of errors. By outsourcing to Positive Bookkeeping & Business Services, you will save money on overhead, management, hiring and training costs. Let’s face it. Most bookkeepers employed at small companies consider it a job. They are not there for the long-haul and are usually looking for a better position. So, you’re then straddled with the responsibility and costs of finding and training someone new. Positive Bookkeeping & Business Services WANTS your business forever!

Are you afraid of giving up control of your books?

Don’t be! When you hire us, we are merely an EXTENSION of your company that happens to specialize in bookkeeping. We work WITH you as if we are a part of your company, yet YOU are still in control of who gets paid and when. We merely take over the processing of the revenue and expense transactions and make sure everything is reconciled and accurate. All financial decisions are still yours to make.

Who will be handling your company’s bookkeeping?

Chanin, the founder of Positive Bookkeeping & Business Services, is a highly experienced professional bookkeeper who is certified in QuickBooks. We do NOT outsource your work to others.

What are other benefits to outsourcing your bookkeeping?

In most companies, the volume of bookkeeping work varies throughout the year; however, the costs associated with an in-house bookkeeper remain so you continue to pay payroll taxes, insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation and sick time when you probably don’t need to be.

The great thing about outsourcing is you can adjust your level of service as your business fluctuates. You can’t do that with an in-house bookkeeper!

In a short time after you have hired Positive Bookkeeping & Business Services, you will find that you are saving money, your finances are in order, and you’re a lot happier!

Chanin is:

Current on payroll tax regulations and the ethics of accounting
Extensively trained and knowledgeable in QuickBooks
Going to save you $$$ on employee wages, taxes, training, benefits, work comp liability and employee turnover
Capable of working with your CPA and accommodating his/her view of bookkeeping