Windows Online Support For Activating Windows 7 Ultimate


Windows 7 is latest version of Windows operating systems available in the market. It came as the successor of Windows Vista which was in to lot of criticisms. Microsoft answered all the criticism that Windows Vista received through Windows 7. This operating system has become very popular among public because of its new features. Microsoft has made it compactable with the applications and hardware with which Windows Vista was compactable. Some of the improvements in Windows 7 include advances in touch and handwriting recognition, support for virtual disks, Direct Access, kernel improvements etc.


If you have installed Windows 7 ultimate on your computer, it should be installed within 30 days of the installation date. Activating Windows 7 ultimate is important to make sure that the copy of operating system you have installed is genuine. Activation helps Microsoft to compact software counterfeiting and piracy. Activating Windows 7 ultimate is a simple process and once you have done this, you will be able to use features like Windows Updates and others. This article contains Windows online support for activating your Windows 7 ultimate.

Windows online support instructions

To activate your Windows 7 ultimate all you have to do is to follow the instructions mentioned below.


  1. Start off by clicking the start button located on your Windows 7 desktop to bring up the start menu.
  2. Right-click on the option which says “Computer” located on your start menu.
  3. Select the option labeled “Properties” from the context menu. This option will allow you to see the current properties of your computer system including information on installation and performance data.
  4. Continue by clicking on the option which says “Click here to activate Windows now”. Confirm your choice by providing your administrative information on the User Account Control Prompt.
  5. After that click on the option labeled “Activate Windows Online Now” for activating Windows 7 Ultimate. Now your computer will connect to internet, you need to confirm the product key which you have entered while installing your Windows 7 Ultimate operating system.
  6. Once the activation is completed, click on “Close” to exit the activation screen. If the activation process was successful, you will be getting a success message and a “Genuine Microsoft Software” badge.

That’s all with the Windows online support instructions for activating your Windows 7 ultimate. Have a good day!