Windows Online Support For Resolving Vista Easy Transfer Problems


If you have upgraded to Windows Vista operating system, you will be able to use Windows Easy Transfer program for transferring files and settings from a computer which is running on Windows operating system to the Windows Vista based computer. You will be able to decide what to transfer to Windows Vista while using Windows Easy Transfer. You will also be able to choose the method of transfer that you like to use. One important thing you need to remember with Windows Easy Transfer is that, it won’t be able to transfer system files like fonts and drives.

Sometime while using Vista Easy Transfer, you might encounter some problems. In this article you will find Windows online support instructions for dealing with Vista Easy Transfer problems.

Windows online support instructions

What you can find below are the instructions provided by Windows online support team which will assist you in the process of resolving Vista problems with easy transfer.

Using transfer companion

Windows Easy Transfer Companion is a utility released by Microsoft which will assist you in during the process of transferring information and diagnosing errors. To download this utility, visit the Microsoft’s website and click on the appropriate link. You don’t have to pay anything for downloading this tool as it is provided for free from Microsoft.

Troubleshooting the error

Check the cables and make sure that the connection is solid between two computers. Also make sure that Easy Transfer program is installed on both the computers and is kept up to date.

Using Microsoft Support

Microsoft has being maintaining a separate support website for assisting its users who are facing problems. You can find lots of documents related to Easy Transfer and different versions of Windows including Vista in the Microsoft support website. Going through Microsoft support forums will also help you to read about the experiences of other users with Easy Transfer and suggestions from users and technical support persons to resolve problems with Easy Transfer.


That’s all with the information about resolving problems with Easy Transfer in Windows operating system. If the above mentioned instructions didn’t help you to resolve your problem with Vista Easy Transfer, it’s recommended to contact technical support team for further assistance. Thanks for your time and have a nice day.