Windows Online Support To Resolve The Audio Problems In Windows Media Center


Windows Media Center is an audio/video client and a media player developed by Microsoft. This application lets you manage your home entertainment system according to your preferences.  You can view your Media Center interface on a television set and you can easily manage your audio or video files stored on your Windows computer. Windows Vista, Windows 10 and Windows 7 versions have included the Windows Media Center as a default application.


Windows Media Center performs a lot of functions such as playing videos and music, playing slides shows, viewing image files etc. One of the good features provided by the Windows Media Center includes streaming television programs and films. You can make use of the Netflix service to do the same. The Windows Media Center Extenders are a set of devices that will help you play back the video content on your computer


Another interesting feature in the Windows Media Center is that it lets you pause your TV while live streaming. It also provides support for TV turner cards.


Occasionally, certain audio problems arise with the Windows Media Center application. The Windows online support and help team recommends certain guidelines to resolve such issues.


How to resolve the audio problems using the Windows online support and help guidelines


  1. To begin with, turn on your computer. Now wait patiently as the start up items gets loaded one by one.
  2. Now navigate to the “Start” menu on your desktop and click on it. Select the Windows Media Center link to launch the application.
  3. From the program window, select the “Music” option. Now select the “Music Library” link.
  4. The Windows online support and help team recommends you make certain that the Windows Media Center is configured correctly. Also ensure that the music folder is added to the list of audio contents where the Windows Media Center primarily looks for audio files.
  5. Now minimize the Windows Media Center application. To advance to the next step, launch the Windows Media Player application.
  6. Now open the files you were not able to play in the Windows Media Center application. Try playing the file in the Widows Media Player application and ensure that the appropriate codec is installed. If not, download the codec to resolve the problem.

Hope the above guidelines helped you resolve the audio problems in Windows Media Center.